You can kill but can’t end the voice of justice : A. Sayeed on Gauri Lankesh Murder

New Delhi, 6 Sept. 2017:  Assasination of renowned activist Gauri Lankesh is really a hurt to the culture, justice and freedom of the country, said Social Democratic Party of India National President A. Sayeed in a press statement issued here today.  He said, she was in the forefront of the fight against fascist and communalist governance of the country. Her bold and honest stand was an inspiration to all who fought for their rights and justice.  Social Democratic Party of India expresses its anguish over the brutal killing and asks the state government to nab all the culprits, conspirators and the force behind the heinous and evil design.

Sayeed reiterated that, this is not just a murder but an assassination of democracy, secularism and progressive thinking.  The same communal design which murdered the thinkers like Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and M.M.Kalburgi are behind the murder of Gauri Lankesh.  India is always in a danger in the hands of these communal fascist forces which are knitting the designs to convert the country into racist and Manuvadi nation. Starting from the assassination of Gandhiji up to Gauri Lankesh these Manuvadi forces have always relied on murder, violence and destruction. Sayeed said, though these evil forces succeeded in killing the thinkers, activists and people but cannot suppress their voice, thoughts  and struggles.

Sayeed also said, failure of the governments in arresting the killers of these activists has given free atmosphere and strength to continue such heinous crimes in the state and in the country as well. If the government does not take much interest in nabbing the killers, their conspirators, nobody can stop the peoples’ struggle against the enemies of this country and its diversity.