New Delhi, 18 Nov 2015
The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) while expressing deep anguish and sorrow at the terrorist attack in Paris resulting in the loss of about 130 precious human lives, vehemently condemned the incident as most dastardly heinous crime against humanity. The resolution passed by the office bearers meeting of the Party held in New Delhi today affirmed solidarity with the French people and demanded that thorough investigation should be conducted and the perpetrators should be booked and given exemplary punishment so that such incidents may not be repeated anywhere again. The so-called Islamic State has reportedly claimed the responsibility for the horrifying attack. SDPI denounces all such terror groups and gangs gathered under the flags of religions and cultures causing havoc and blood shed all over the world. It is time to ponder the root cause of terrorism. An independent transnational team should work to bring out the originators of terrorist groups.
SDPI hopes that the Paris incident will not bring a bad faith to the refugees from Libya, Syria and Iraq sheltered in different parts of Europe. It is true that Europe is reeling under the pressure of growing refugee crisis of its own creation. Immediately after the attack, the French border was closed, followed by most of the European countries. It seems that Europe will utilize this unfortunate incident as a way out to the refugee crisis they face.
The Paris attack has created a positive environment for reinforcement of the military operation by US and allies in Syria and Iraq. It is worth noticing that the attack took place just after the US administration announced it will deploy ground forces in Syria and Iraq. The multi-nation talks in Vienna on Syria was scheduled for November 14th and the attack took place on 13th. G 20 summit on 15th and 16th November, incidentally turned into a summit on terrorism with all the world leaders unanimously condemning terrorism. Immediate consequence of the Paris attack is that France has topped its attack on Syria.
No doubt, the attack on the French is an attack on humanity. But is there any difference if the raid is on Afghani, Kurd, Iraqi, Somali, or Palestinian? There are tens of thousands of people being killed in many other parts of the World. Beirut like killings never get attention because the killed are from a certain religion or a certain part of the world. Say a prayer for Paris for all means but pray more for the world that does not have a prayer for those who no longer have a home to defend and those being killed for no fault of theirs.