New Delhi, 27th March 2021: Communal cards used by Union Home Minister in Assam election campaign shows that he is frustrated by foreseeing the pitiable defeat by his party in the election and hence, trying to polarize the people by hate and lies said M.K. Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India. Amit Shah addressed in a party rally in Assam and cried that BJP would bring in laws against ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Land Jihad’ if comes to power. Faizy said, the home minister of this country must know his status and dignity before uttering any words in public. It is unfortunate of this country that a union home minister has stooped to low to garner votes by means of dividing the people with concocted and nefarious lies.Faizy said, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs has said in the Lok Sabha in the last year that no such cases of Love Jihad has been reported by any of the central agencies. Despite the authorized statement from Home Ministry, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah using this term ‘Love Jihad’ and misleading the country to foster enmity between religions for wicked selfish gains? Now, the term ‘Land Jihad’ is his contribution to the shameful design to divide the nation and to create vengeance in the country. Faizy said, the people of Assam are aware enough of the vicious mindset of the BJP and hopefully teach a good lesson to that party by defeating it disgracefully in the election.