New Delhi, 10 July 2014
The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to hand over to the CBI the investigations into the criminal cases related to the Vyapam scam and over 40 deaths linked to it. Any how it is utmost disappointing that this decision came after the killings of all the crucial witnesses, giving chance to the culprits to cut all the links that may turn against them in the final verdict. The party has demanded that the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan should step down immediately as he is left with no moral authority to rule over people.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said the message from the Supreme Court is clear that Chouhan should quit so that a fair and proper probe could be conducted and the real culprits are brought to books. Sayeed said the state Governor Ram Naresh Yadav should also go as Supreme Court has issued a notice on a plea challenging a Madhya Pradesh High Court order quashing the FIR against him for his alleged involvement in the scam.

He said that for a fair and impartial probe, and also to re-establish peoples’ confidence, the Supreme Court should supervise this investigation.

He said that the people of Madhya Pradesh should ask the present government to step down and President’s Rule be imposed and an inquiry be conducted. More than 50 odd people were murdered or died under mysterious circumstances and Government did not take any action which is very shameful. The Prime Minister has again left the country on his world tour. He has not even spoken a word about the reports of corruption which has surfaced.

Sayeed said the Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP) appears to be in a total mess. The BJP which hyped its agenda of transparency, zero tolerance to corruption and political probity to come to power, as the Congress was then neck-deep in various corruption quagmires, now finds itself on a sticky wicket in only a year’s time. Now, the corrupted are terrorising the nation as well as looting property and rights of people. The deep-rooted favouritism and financial corruption have already exposed the ruling Hindu right wing party. The thick-skinned Indian premier is not only tight-lipped over the issue faced by the rule of law and the democratic system of his country, he is also undisturbed with his companions telling the media that Narendra Modi need not comment on such “silly” issues. Meanwhile, the spectre of death has been haunting the whistle-blowers, accused and witnesses of the scam, known as the Vyapam scandal. There is panic in the whole nation due to the mysterious deaths of nearly four dozen people associated with the scam.