New Delhi, 21st Oct 2021: Dr Nizamuddin, Uttar Pradesh State President of Social Democratic Party of India strongly denounced the latest attack on Christian nuns and believers in Mau district in Uttar Pradesh. They were attacked by the members of Bajrangdal and Hindu Yuvavahini, two right wing Hindutva radical groups alleging forceful religious conversion. Hindu Yuvavahini is a group of Hindutwa goons formed by UP chief minister Adityanath.

Muslims, Christians and Communists are the three groups declared as the internal enemies of the country by the RSS ideologue Golwalkar. And his disciples are implementing the extermination of these enemies in its ‘chronology’ sequence. They started with Muslims and now it is the turn of Christians.

Minorities are neither the slaves of the majority nor second class citizens; the onus of their security is on the state; and unless the minorities are hunted by the Hindutva fascists in the streets unite and raise people’s resistance against the Hindutva hooligans, these atrocities are not going to end.