State has to help Sick Silk Farmers : SDPI

Bangalore, 14 October 2019 : Though Karnataka’s silk is widely famous in the country but nobody is hearing the agonies of silk farmers. Thousands of families in Kolar, Ramnagar, Mandya, Bangalore Rural and Urban districts have adopted the sericulture as their livelihood in multiple aspects. These families are now facing acute hardships. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, state president of Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka insisted the state government to release aids and supporting packages immediately to the silk farmers and homogeneous silk industries.

State’s silk market is angst due to import of China silks pricing competitively deep low. The capitalistic companies from China are providing capital fund to local small silk farmers and traders conditionally on agreement to establish sofisticated silk industries in the state.This compelling the small and medium farmers who are trapped in capitalists net have to sell their silks on lowest prices which led other farmers to bear the brunt. The silk farmers are extremely exploited by these capitalists.

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe urged the state government to systematically implement the packages like controlled market, subsidies, supporting incentives, educational aid to the children of silk farmers, preventing the exploitations from capitalists, etc to save the sericulture which has contributed it’s own in the state’s economy and possessing the historical heritage of sheltering thousand of families. He reiterated that SDPI will support all the struggles of silk farmers to get their privileges, justice and development.