SDPI Welcomes DMC Report, Hopes It Is Implemented In Its Right Earnest

New Delhi, 18th July 2020: Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmed, National vice President of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has welcomed the recommendations of the fact-finding report of Delhi Minority Commission (DMC) about the communal violence in North East Delhi in February this year which shook the conscience of the country.

Findings of the report reinforce that the violence was pre-planned. Large number of outsiders was involved along with the locals. The report documents 11 mosques, five Madrasas, one shrine and one graveyard that were attacked and damaged in the violence.

The report reiterates the role of right-wing extremist Hindutwa forces in inciting the violence Speeches of BJP leaders during the campaign for February 2020 Delhi assembly election, had openly instigated people for violence against the anti-CAA protesters. This was followed by killing and property destruction of Muslims by RSS backed groups and supporters, Adv. Sharfuddin added. The DMC report has exposed the nexus between Delhi police and the Hindutva perpetrators who joined hands to destroy innocent Muslim lives and properties in NE Delhi. SDPI urges the Central and state governments and the judiciary in particular to act on the recommendations of the report in the interest of justice to the victims and preventing such mayhem in future.