SDPI vehemently condemns blasts in Sri Lanka, condoles aggrieved families

New Delhi: 22 Apr 2019: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has vehemently condemned the serial blasts on Easter Sunday in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka wherein 290 people were killed and more than 500 others were injured. The party has expressed extreme grief and sorrow to the families who lost their kin.

SDPI National President M. K. Faizy in a statement said this killing on a Holy Day is a calculated brutality by the perpetrators of violence. Those behind this have no heart at all. Entire world should stand together in destroying the outfits responsible for this terrorist act.

Faizy said the calamities inflicted upon Sri Lanka are most heinous, and whoever are involved in these acts should be traced at the earliest and subjected to strongest punishments. He said terrorism is the cancer on human society and civilization, a menace to be rooted out.

Faizy said it is very sad that innocent lives are lost again and again. What was the motive of this attack against a minority community? Why Govt. agencies could not prevent it, in spite of advance intelligence inputs? How was an unknown group be able to arrange such serial explosions? , he wondered.

Faizy said that SDPI stands with the people and the Government of Sri Lanka in this hour of utmost trial and tribulation.

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Social Democratic Party of India