Fearlessly performing duty with commitment in Lok Sabha election as General Observer lands Mr. Mohammad Mohsin to his suspension

New Delhi 18 Apr 2019: The Election Commission of India has suspended the General Observer of Sambalpur parliamentary constituency, Mr. Mohammad Mohsin, an IAS of Karnataka cadre,posted by Election Commission of India in Odisha on election duty for the matter of inspection of the helicopter in which Mr. Narendra Modi flew to Sambalpur. The Election Commission has ordered for suspension of Mr. Mohammad Mohsin until further orders as a flying squad team in the region inspected the helicopter of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sambalpur, where Mr. Narendra Modi went to address an election rally of BJP.

It is relevant to mention here that few days back the Karnataka PCC has lodged a complained with the Election Commission of India alleging that the helicopter of Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi landed at Chitradurg in Karnataka during the Lok Sabha Election Campaigning where the choppers blades were still in rotation, chopper had just landed, a black truck was
removed and put in a private vehicle which was not part of the Carcade of SPG. The Carcade permits only black vehicles. This vehicle reportedly did not belong to the SPG. The black trunk was hurriedly taken out of the Prime Minister’s helicopter at Chitradurg, creating confusion into the mind of public in view of the media report.

SDPI expressesits view that it is in the interest of Shri Narendra Modi and the BJP that the Prime Minister himself must come clean on this matter of black trunk, hurriedly downloaded at Chitradurg, Karnataka and taken out of his helicopter without following the settle procedure of SPG rules. SDPI also takes serious note of the matter of suspension of General Observer of Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency, which apparently seems a lesson to other election officials to remain pet to the state machinery in view of hasty suspension of the General Observer, Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency, Mr. Mohammad Mohsin for fearlessly performing the duty with commitment. From the Media reports it transpires that without properly apportioning the individual responsibility or official liability as an observer for the order of the inspection of the helicopter of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the suspension was made in hasty manner, without the proper application of mind and also without affording any proper opportunity to a senior official on an important duty of General Observer of Lok Sabha Election. This entire episode creates a bad picture for Indian democracy.

Sharfuddin Ahmad
National Vice President
Social Democratic Party of India