New Delhi 5th Dec. 2019 Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI) staged a nationwide protest on Thursday against passing of “Citizenship Amendment Bill”, (CAB) by the Union Cabinet which is a violation of the spirit of the Indian Constitution.  The protest in New Delhi was held at Jantar Mantar.

A Press release issued by SDPI on the occasion said that after NRC, Triple Talaq Act and abrogation of Article 370, the CAB is a Golwalkarite attack to treat Muslims as second class citizens of the country. This Bill is part of a backup plan after the NRC had affected thousands of non-Muslims in Assam. It’s a clear signal to Muslims residing in West Bengal to be prepared to be dumped into detention camps. On what basis are we making such categories of refugees? This is clearly unconstitutional. Will the SC intervene to strike it down and protect the constitutional right of the citizens?

The Bill is against the spirit of the Indian Constitution. An intruder is always an intruder irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Discrimination on the basis of religion is not right. Will any illegal immigrant stand in queue to prove he is illegal? He will not. Only genuine citizens like us will have to stand in queue to prove our nationality like we did during “demonetization”.

The release said that it seems that after the Ayodhya verdict, BJP has found a topic to talk during election campaign for the next 4 years. It is really a smart move by the party because otherwise they have nothing else to show in terms of development. BJP wants to divert attention and win the 2024 election.

The general public is being fooled by the Central BJP Government again as they are failing in all sectors.  It should be understood that this Bill is just to divert peoples’ attention from economic crisis and other basic issues of common people that have left lakhs jobless, thousands of businesses in loss and once well-performing industries in total shambles.

When the governments fails in providing job to its youths, lacks in providing education, housing and health facilities to its citizens and could not control the law and order, and where no development is done, naturally  emotive issues like this will be taken up to mislead the nation. The end result will be of no benefit to the people or the country.

This move is a violation of basic fundamental right and against the unity in diversity concept.

Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad (National Vice President, SDPI), Dehlan Baqwi (National Vice President, SDPI), Mohd. Shafi (National General Secretary, SDPI), Dr. Tasleem Rehmani (National Secretary, SDPI), A. S Ismail (NEC Member, Popular Front of India), Adv. Yusuf (NEC Member, Popular front of India) were present at the protest.