SDPI National President Condemned the Extra Judicial Killing in Hyderabad

SDPI National President MK Faizy took strong exception to the extra judicial killing of the accused rapists in Hyderabad.

The four who were alleged to be involved in brutally raping and burning a young veterinary lady doctor were under police custody and they are reported to be killed in an encounter with the police early morning on Friday.

Any culprit charged of any grievous offence should be subjected to judicial trial and awarded serious punishment by the court, but not killed by police without trial, said Faizy.

The delay in sentencing the culprits of rape cases and lapses of prosecution in handling such cases with due seriousness have caused public ire, leading to the public welcoming the encounter killing.

Fast track trial of rape cases and severe punishment should be ensured to deter recurrence of the heinous crime.

In a country where judicial system is functioning, allowing the police to shoot the accused is tantamount to violation of human rights, and the practice will lead the country to anarchy.

Faizy asked the Human Rights Commission to conduct a proper enquiry about the encounter and initiate exemplary steps against the erring police personnel