New Delhi, 13th of December, 2019, Supreme Court of India yesterday dismissed all eighteen Review Petitions by a common orders, filed against the verdict in Babri Masjid case. The most of the Review Petitions were filed on 9th of December 2019 as it was the last day of limitation in Supreme Court after pronouncement of Judgement and order on 9th of November, 2019 in Babri Masjid case pending in this court since 2010.The Hon’ble Court has exercised unprecedented hurry by cutting short its own process and procedure in deciding the Review petitions for no explicit reasons. It is surprising that all Review Petitions having different grounds, seeking different reliefs and filed by members of different communities were clubbed in two sets, one set for eight contesting parties and other ten Review Petitions for all third parties including that of Social Democratic Party of India. Supreme Court generally lists a diary case only after giving ample opportunity for removing defects in 90 days’ time, calling the petitioner to remove the defects, if any in filing of case. The petition is only thereafter, allotted a separate case number different from diary number and only then the freshly filed case has a chance of fixing for listing on later date but in Babri Masjid Review Petitions only after two days of filing on 9th December all Review Petitions were listed on 12th December 2019 in chamber of CJI All the Review  Petitions were hurriedly listed only after two days and orders were also passed in limine but in five judges judgement in  Sabarimala case the Review Petitions have been assigned to a larger Bench of seven judges that shall hold an open court hearing as to provide ample opportunity for justice as a case of special importance just like Babri Masjid case but Supreme Court has exercised exceptionally  in Babri Masjid case Review Petitions. Supreme Court simultaneously has rejected other applications enclosed with Review Petitions as applications seeking permission to file review, applications for open court hearing and also applications to stay the execution of impugned judgment. SDPI doesn’t see it an end of road for justice and has started process of seeking legal advice to go further so that ultimate justice in Babri Masjid case may be ensured and achieved.