New Delhi, 11th May 2021: Social Democratic Party of India filed a PIL before Supreme Court on Monday 10th of May through Counsel A.Selvin Raja with the prayer to issue a writ or order or direction to the Union of India to formulate a uniform Pan India policy of COVID 19 vaccination free of cost to every Indian citizen.

The petition also requested the Supreme Court to constitute an independent body under the direct supervision or monitoring of this process of free and uniform vaccination across all the states and union territories.

The petition argues that under article 21, every person in India has the invaluable right to get vaccination at free of cost. It said that in the context of rapid surge of pandemic the people are dying without getting timely treatment and the graveyards are running day and night compelling to wait for hours to get the deceased cremated, the people of this country pin their hopes only on vaccine. The majority of people cannot afford the varied price fixed by the government and cannot bear these vaccine costs.

The petition admonishes that if the large population including a major chunk of poor sections would be vaccinated freely, it would help in improving the herd immunity amongst the citizens.