New Delhi, 03 July 2014 

Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI General Secretary Afsar Pasha expressed shock and anguish over the recent decision of the Maharashtra Government regarding Madrasas.


He said the move of government derecognizing Madrasas as non-schools seems a conspiracy. This would not only take away the rights of Muslim children of educating themselves of the religious studies but would also affect their futures as their degrees would not carry any values after derecognition. This would lead the students to be treated as uneducated even after the completion of their studies and from Madrasas.


He said the government version regarding the syllabi that those schools which do not teach English, Mathematics and Science would be non-schools, is verily unconstitutional. Rather the government would have introduced the said subjects into the Madrasa syllabus and would equal them with that of the mainstream schools and make efforts to enhance their educational status, it has resorted towards spreading communalism and at attempt to snatch the fundamental rights from Muslims.



He further said that such an unnecessary attempt of extreme rights violation issue being cooked against Muslims is to cover the scams hit BJP government in Maharashtra, as there have been revelations of several scams by the BJP ministers in the state. The unwarranted controversial move is credibly aimed at diverting peoples attention from the disgraceful scandals of the government. Afsar Pasha demanded from the government that the decision be repealed forthwith and appealed to the Muslims community to realize the conspiracy of the government and voice against its usurpations.