Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) organized a protest ‘March to Prime Minister Office’ demanding the Indian Government not to participate in the Common Wealth Conference to be held at Srilanka.
Dehlan Baqavi, SDPI Tamilnadu State President, while addressing the gathering said that the fundamental principles of the CWC are that of harmony, peace and equality for the human beings at par. It’s unfortunate to see the Rajapaksha’s Srilankan Govt. which is absolutely against the democracy and has been violating the human rights for years.
A Sayeed, SDPI National President, expressed dismay over Indian Government’s participation in the Common Wealth Conference to be held in the Srilanka, as the Srilankan Government has been in the international focus for its anti-people policies, ongoing oppression on Tamilians and killing of innocent civilians. The Srilanka is currently facing Int’l enquiry for its War Crimes. Is t not that countries likePakistan,BijiIslands andSouth Africa have been banned from CWC for not adhering to the CWC’s principles? He raised question.
The protest “March to Prime Minister’s Office” was headed by A Sayeed, SDPI National President, and the leaders & activists who were present in the protest were Dehlan Baqavi, SDPI Tamilnadu State Prez, Sam Kutty Jacob – SDPI National VP, Afsar Pasha, Abdul Majeed Faizy – SDPI National GS, Adv Vijendra Kasana – VP, SDPI Rajasthan.
Common Wealth confederation has 2 important Principles:
1 . 1971Singapore Declaration 2. 1991Harare Declaration
The Principles say:
Point 1. Whichever country member of this CWC confederation they have to provide Equal rights for all its citizens.
Point 2. Whichever Country member of this CWC confederation they should not have any partiality or difference, inequality towards religion, Sex, against of Human rights, people and genocide, If any violation found above 2 principals that country has to be suspend.

Instances: 1. 1995 Nigeria suspended from 1995 to 1999 2. 1999 Pakistan Suspended from 2006 to 2007
Sri Lanka unfit for CHOGM
As we all aware of Srilankan Govt’s war crimes, injustice, oppression and discrimination of the Eelam Tamils until the final months of the war, the deaths were estimated to be about 70,000. But the final phase, when the government and rebels battled it out as thousands of civilians were hemmed in to a tiny strip of land on the north-eastern coast, has been the subject of most scrutiny. Human rights groups have alleged that tens of thousands were killed – estimates range from 20,000-75,000.Journalists and most aid groups were barred from the region. A report commissioned by the UN in 2011 says it believed tens of thousands of civilians were killed in the final stage; Srilanka has balmily tramped upon the basic value of the common wealth.
Still today this atrocity not stopped collision and demolish of Muslim Mosque, Hindu temple and religiously torturing innocent people. Srilankan Govt also amended one rule of Tamilian and Muslim people should not coming to regime it’s deserve to be expelled Srilanka from CHOGM.
UN human rights commissioner Navi Pillay visited in August 2013, she warned that the country was becoming increasingly authoritarian in issues such as disappearances, attacks on religious minorities and journalists and the militarization of the north were all brought up during her visit.
MRG (Minority Rights Group International) NGO Report on Oct16 2013:
Minority women in Sri Lanka facing increasing levels of sexual violence and insecurity.
There are an estimated 89,000 war widows in the former conflict areas, with around 40, 000 female-headed households. ‘The government is actively contributing to the insecurity of minority women through the militarization of the north and east and by maintaining a climate of impunity where human rights violations continue.
As part of the worldwide movement to boycott Srilanka in all the fields, we in Tamilnadu want the Government of India, at least to ask change of venue from Colombo to some other common wealth capital. If at all there is no change to boycott the CHOGM at Colombo.

SDPI’s protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
SDPI’s protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
Social Democratic party of India demands the following;
The Srilanka which stands accused of the crime of genocide should be expelled from the Common Wealth Conference.
If it all the CHOGM meets at Colombo, the heads of government, particularly Prime Minister of the India should not attend the same.
An independent international investigation should be instituted about the war crimes and crime against humanity committed by the Rajapaksa-Srilanka Govt against the people of Tamil’s.
The people of Tamil’s are nearly unanimous in appealing to the Prime Minister of India and urge him not to attend the CHOGM in Colombo. The Govt. of India should give effect to the Tamilnadu people’s demand.
Note: Canada has already decided not to participate in the Commonwealth Conference, he said, adding “in the circumstances, if India participates, we will be again indirectly encouraging the Sri Lankan Government which is not making any effort to solve the Sri Lankan problem.”
If the Indian Government decides to participate, that will be a grave insult to the people of Tamil Nadu.