Bangalore; April.21: On 19th Mar’ 2013 Dalit laborers who were working in the farm of Chamrajnagar District Santamarahalli. One of them was Mr. Nanjaya from Kavudawadi Grama and the other one Mr. Krishnaiah was from Deshavalli Grama. They were beheaded and their bodies were found at the form. This shows the critical life lead by the dalits and the value of their lives are worse than the animals. This heinous crime was blamed on a person and then tried to prove that the person is mentally disorder. That way a plot was acted to close this file itself.
Our party the “ SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF INDIA “ took this matter very seriously. On 4th Apr’ 2015, we took a procession of 17th Kilometers from Santamarahalli to Chamrajnagar DC office along with the deceased families. We have put forth our demands to govt. regarding this issue. Still the govt. is not taking this issue seriously and nothing has been done sofar. Our party stand will be there till this matter is solved and the deceased family gets Justice.
This unsolved case has created confusion in the minds of public and the people want Justice. This case has been directed to COD and the public is not satisfied with this. Hence it is a request to hand over this case to CBI. SDPI also demands strongly that this enquiry to be handed over to CBI.
1)      Case to be handed over to CBI.
2)      Relief fund Rs. 50 Lacs to the victims’ familieseach.
3)      One of the family members should be given a govt. job.
4)      3 acres of land to each family.