New Delhi 3rd Sep 2019: A team led by Vice President of SDPI visited Asansol on 29th July to have first-hand information of the prevalent situation as the city has turned into a cauldron of violence since an outsider, Babul Suprio was elected as BJP MP first time in 2014. Till now, 14 incidents of communal violence is said to have happened in the area of Asansol. The latest case became viral on social media when a minor-aged Muslim was shown in Police custody stating that he was being attacked and forcibly compelled to chant “Jai Shree Ram” while coming home after his workthat resulted in death of one of the attackers. Adv Sharfuddin Ahmad, VP, SDPI along with Mr  S. M. Anwar Husain of Karwan, a former Honorary Secretary as well as President of AMUSU along with local activists visited the residence of Mohammad Kabir Asansol, West Bengal on 29th of August, It was informed that a number of attacks had taken place before Kabir, the juvenile was attacked by organized goons when he refused to chant Jai Shree Ram near Sugam park, Asansol on 23rd July 2019. Firstly, Kabir tried to flee from the scene but when one of attackers Suraj Mandal fiercely chased and got over him, he in self-defense picked up a brick and threw it towards the attacker which fatally injured resulting in his death.

Kabir is known as a gentle boy, busy in earning for the livelihood of his fatherless family of five members, including two younger brothers and a single mother by doing sundry jobs in plastic recycling. He has no criminal antecedents but caught in such a situation in which he had no option except to defend himself using a brick to deter the deadly attacking saffron indoctrinated street goons.The family of Kabir is very poor to ordinary subsist and has no resource to contest the case thrust upon him by organised goons under ideological spell of majoritarianism to force everyone to chant their religious slogans to spread fear and terror in the country. 

The SDPI team also had a meeting with counsel who is doing pairvi in local court on behalf of Kabir in Asansol.It is unfortunate that before visit by SDPI delegation, no organisation, local or from outside has visited the poor family or offered legal help to innocent boy who has unsolicited been caught in unenviable situation for no of his own fault. SDPI is committed to render all the legal help for the cause of justice.