Speaking on this occasion Mr.Abdul Waris, state president said that “The present political parties are away from the actual purpose of Politics”. He said that “SDPI is present in 23 states of India and we are reaching the deprived communities”, he added. He told that secularism and democracy is in danger. Every party sells the seats on money and vote for money and uses the media to get into their favor, which is anti secularism. India represents secularism and democracy in the world. He stressed the party cadres to struggle for the political empowerment of marginalized sections of the community and equal rights for all.

Habeebulla, state vice-president, popular front of India, Andhra Pradesh said that “We are not enjoying the real freedom since we got it. Congress party seems to be secular but became a dark mark on the name of secularism and democracy. They have been playing gimmicks with the lives of the marginalized sections of the community. The MPs and MLAs discuss the properties of the imperialist but less discuss about the Empowerment of the Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis, he added. History of Congress and BJP is filled with making anti people’s policies, corruption, black laws, scams etches said that popular front of India is the biggest organization working in the different parts of the country and support SDPI in the coming elections”.

Attaulla khan, president, popular front of India, Nandyal said that Nandyal is the Muslim dominated constituency and Muslims should be given first preference. Muslim decision will be the final for any candidate. He said that “We can’t believe the present political parties because it has been playing gimmick on the Muslims, SC/ST. He criticized the Congress party for not implementing the RANGANTH MISHRA COMMISSION; it clearly shows the hypocrisy of the Government. He declared his full support for the cause of SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF INDIA.

Inaugural programme was concluded by the town body president M.Ismail Basha, Nandyal constituency and thanked the constituency Cadres, members, well wishers and supporters who were present on that occasion and sweets were distributed later.