24 Sept 2014 Murshidabad/West Bengal
Protestors raised slogans ‘Sadak Banao’ in Lalgula, Murshidabad

The residents have been in trouble for a long time and several memorandums submitted with the authorities concerned have fallen to the deaf ears, said Ahmed SDPI Assembly President Lalgula.

After submitting a number of memorandums we got a thumbs down when it comes to taking any actions from the authorities at the corporation. Neither the corporation officials nor the corporator is interested in getting the roads repaired, alleged Mubarak, the Assembly Secretary of Lalgula Constituency, Murshidabad.

Now that the residents of the area, including women and youth have come together expressing their ire for not getting the inner roads repaired causing an immense inconvenience to the localites, said Vinod Kumar, one of the residents of the assembly.

The assembly president urged the corporation authorities to heed to the issue and get it resolved at the earliest and he also warned them of continuous protest demonstrations otherwise.