Murshidabad/West Bengal:
The major political parties INC & Trinamool Congress was baffled by SDPI’s fielding of over 1,000 Candidates in WB Panchayat Elections

SDPI has filed about 1,400 nomintation for the upcoming Panchayat Elections the Murshidabad District in West Bengal.
While addressing the media, Imtiyaz Mulla-West Bengal State General secretary said that TMC Party couldnt digest this and out of frustrastion hatched a consipiracy to push our leader behind the bars. The police was hand-in-glove with the corrupt politician Choudhary & TMC in fabricating SDPI’s Murshidabad District President Zakir Hussain in a fake case. And this was done with an intention of spreading fear among our activists, candidates and members. The police in midnight surprisingly entered the house of Zakir Hussain and arrested him in a 14 years old fake case. Shockingly, about 14 years ago Zakir Hussain was just 14 years old (juvenile) and now he is 28, i.e. the matter was of 1999. The SDPI leaders told the media persons that the police harassed Zakir Hussain while he was in custody.

Indeed, SDPI’s fielding of 1,400 candidates into the elections has created a panic among Congress and TMC. This uneasy feeling caused them to concocting a absurd story against the Party.

SDPI activists held a dharna infront of Muslim Institute lead by State General Secretary Imtiaz Mulla for over a week demanding the release of their leader and at-last they were happy that a local court granted him bail.