SDPI severely condemn the incidents of attacks on Masjids and houses of Muslims in Chandankhedi and Mandsour in Madhya Pradesh by the Sanghi goons. SDPI National General Secretary Mohammad Shafi said the Sanghi goons are enjoying full impunity by the support from state BJP government and created insecure atmosphere in Madhya Pradesh.Mohammad Shafi said the Sanghi goons trespassed into the houses of Muslims in Chandankhedi, attacked the Muslims and looted the valuable things. The Sanghi goons attacked the Masjid in Mandsour and damaged the minarets and Masjid buliding. All these incidents took place in the presence of police who were the mute spectators.Shafi expressed anger over these incursion and said the Sangh Parivar is planning a systematic attacks on Muslims to disturb peace and amity in the state aiming to polarize the society and to instill panic in the minds of Muslims. Shafi surprised that how the police could give permission to conduct rally when there was Sec 144 prevails in connection with Covid pandemic. Why the police allowed the sanghi goons to collect funds for Ayodhya Ram Mandir from Muslims houses. Shafi reiterated that the police took action against Muslims who were protecting themselves from sanghi attacks when the Sanghi goons attacked the houses of Muslims. This is sheer partisan and communal attitude of the police under the behest of state BJP government. Shafi demanded stringent action must be taken on the miscreants and their leaders and also on irresponsible police officers. He warns the BJP government that it must work on the tenets of Indian constitution and not on Manuvad and RSS inquity.