The National Representative Council of Social Democratic Party of India was held on 22, 23 November 2021 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  Representatives from various states were present in the Council wherein review of party activities, discussions on global and Indian Socio-Political situations, issues and intervention, etc were conducted. 

The Council has elected new office bearers and members of National Working Committee of the party for the term 2021-24 and  passed 12 resolutions.  The resolutions are furnished below:

  1. Thriving Violence and Demeaning of Democracy shall be stopped Unitedly.

Democracy in India is facing threats from the present regime as the dissenting voices are stifled and those who oppose the anti-people and anti-constitutional policies of the government are pushed behind bars. The sessions in the Parliament is supposedly turned out to be mimicry as the bills are passed without discussion and amid protests.  Those who works for the welfare of tribals, Adivasis and poor rural folks are labeled as “Urban Naxals’ and the dissenters as ‘Deshdrohi”  to throw them into jails imposing draconian UAPA, NSA, PMLA, PSA, etc. The BJP is on a binge of uprooting the democratically elected Non-BJP state governments to set up their regime through back door.  The danger of CAA/NRC/NPR is looming large in the country.

The perpetrators are let loose on the streets to attack Muslims, Christians under the guise of “Go Rakshaks”.  The Manuvadi goons are attacking and lynching the minorities across the country in the name of ‘Love Jihad’, ‘forceful conversion’ and forcing them to chant ‘Jai Sriram’. ‘Trishul Deeksha’, ‘Shashthr Deeksha’, etc are organized by the Sanghis throughout the country and inciting the Hindutwa goons to act for the sake of  ‘Manuvadi Rashtra’.  The incidents of arson and attacks in Tripura, Darrang, etc and attacks on Churches, Masjids are the clear signs that the Sanghi perpetrators are enjoying absolute impunity with the help of their masters in the government. The rampant rape and murder of Dalith and other women and girls have brought the notoriety to our nation that India is the most unsafe land for women. The perpetrators are protected, garlanded and honored by the BJP leaders.

This National Representative Council of Social Democratic Party of India calls upon every Indian citizen to unite against thriving violence in the country.  This council also calls upon all the opposition parties to unite and oppose any moves of the BJP government of demeaning democracy and to keep them away from the power. This council demands to formulate the “Act of Prevention of Atrocities on Muslims” and also “Communal Violence Act” to stop the attacks on Muslims and other minorities.

  • Farmers Demands Shall Be Realized.

Farmers have been protesting against draconian Farm Acts since one year at Delhi Haryana border.  About 700 farmers martyred in the agitation.  The BJP ministers, MPs, MLAs and other BJP supporter celebrities have insulted the agitating farmers by calling them as ‘terrorists’, ‘Khalistanees’ and ‘trouble mongers’.  The BJP Government at the Union and states has tried to outwit their agitations by using military and police power. As the result the BJP have lost seats in recently held bye-elections held in various states. The steadfastness and sacrifice of the farmers conquered the ruthless and arrogant BJP Government. In the context of upcoming assembly elections in UP, Punjab and Gujarat and in view of evading miserable defeat, the Prime Minister Modi has announced withdrawal of Farm Acts.  Farmers are still continuing their agitation till the legitimate withdrawal of Farm Acts as they don’t trust PM Modi and BJP Govt in view of their past experiences of betrayal. The announcement from PM Modi came after sacrifice of 700 invaluable farmer’s lives, their time, hard earned money and energy. Yet, the PM Modi is silent on MSP which is another significant demand of the farmers.

The National Representative Council demands that the Union Government shall implement  MSP system and  withdraw Farm Acts immediately .  The Union Government shall give adequate compensation to the bereaved families of farmers died in the agitation. Also, the government shall withdraw all the cases filed on the farmers during the agitation.

  • The State Governments shall resist Union governments efforts of weakening of Federalism

India is a federal country where many powers and privileges are given to the states in the constitution wherein powers between the union and state governments are distributed. However, the BJP Union Government has been interfering and curbing the privileges of the states. The Union BJP government has imposed NEP, labor laws, etc without consultations with the states.  Imposition of Hindi in the states is categorical denial of autonomy to the states. The denial of return of share of GST to the states by the Union BJP government is another example of neglecting the Federalism of our nation.  Article 370 which guarantees the special status to Kashmir has been abruptly cancelled by the BJP Government without any debate and discussions. The Governors are taking ride on policy decisions of the state governments and its powers that conniving the constitutional authority of the states and its CMs. Shockingly, the Union BJP Government has issued a notification increasing the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) to give its officers the powers of arrest, search and seizure to the extent of 50 km from the borders inside many bordering states. Special powers have been given to BSF which includes taking action under Cr. PC, Passports Act and Passport (Entry to India) Act.  If this is the situation, then what powers remain in the state? The state government will be a just ‘Maintenance Company’ slithering with the generosity of the Union Government

The National Representative Council warns the Union BJP Government that it should keep away from the game of weakening of federalism and shall protect the rights and privileges of the state.  Article 370 shall be reinstated. This Council call upon all Non-BJP state Govts. to unite and resist any move of the Union Government of India when it interferes into the privileges and rights of the states.

  • Economic Disaster is the result of wrong and adamant policies of the Union BJP Government.

Indian economic sector has been facing continuous decline since BJP came into power.  This unprecedented financial crisis is the result of wrong and arrogant policies of the Union BJP Government.  The unexpected and mindless ‘Note ban’ has pushed the people into unbearable losses and deep misery. The unscientific and complicated GST system introduced by the Union BJP Government made the trade and commerce a very confusing and sordid. When the nation was facing financial hardship the BJP Government has waived off loans of capitalists worth lakhs of crores since 2014.  All these treacherous economic policies pushed the country into deep crisis.  Modi lead BJP government has been at the helm of affairs to benefit the crony capitalists.  As the result the country is facing a massive unemployment crisis and more than 4 crores of jobs were lost. The prices of oil, gas and essential commodities are sky rocketing daily. Public properties and undertakings are sold out to the corporate cronies. The government has become a real estate agent to serve the corporate giants. India ranks at 101 in the global hunger index list.

The National Representative Council demands that the Union BJP Government shall act upon practical measures to rejuvenate the economy of the nation.  It shall provide the employment to the youths and provide subsidies and incentives to the small scale-tiny-cottage industries.  It should introduce minimum tax system in the country to revitalize the collapsed trade and commerce.

  • Failure of Indian Foreign Policies is  disastrous

India never witnessed such a disastrous foreign policies before Modi came into power that almost all neighboring countries are in a bitter relationship with our country.  The arrogance and jingoism of Modi government created enemies around the borders. Modi’s poll campaign in favor of Donald Trump was not only a damp squib but proved to be a stupid and harmful game. The USA is not so easy and cordial with Modi government.  The enmity with Pak and China intensified due to arrogant and adamant nature of approach. The bitter experiences on Afghan crisis were the outcome of miscalculations and erroneous views. The invasion of Indian border by the China deep into the land of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh is a matter of serious concern and a grave threat to the National security.  Though the Chinese military is presence in the region since last two years, but Indian government is playing ‘hide and seek’ game to dodge the public.  Its timid approach to retreat Chinese military is regrettable.  Union BJP government proved itself as incapable of facing the challenges of China and to recover Indian lost boundaries is disgusting. BJP is just playing only politics to gain power in the name of Indian land and boundaries but not protecting the Indian land and frontiers as such. 

The National Representative Council urge the Union Government that it should pursue the foreign policies and approach that enables cordial relationships with the neighboring countries. The country shall follow the path of non-alignment policies.  The government shall commit itself to protect Indian border with courage and commitment

  • NEP: The Route to Contaminate Young Minds

On the way of making “Manuvadi Rashtra”, the BJP is hastening to contaminate the minds of youth and children through education system.  New Education Policy aims to privatize education and to create occupation-based communities on the basis of “Chathurvarna”. The New Education Policy of the Union BJP Government is a route to inculcate the essence of Varnashram and Gurukul.    It’s a systematic plan to preach Veda and other Brahminical teachings and making it compulsory.  The distorted history taught under this NEP will give wrong picture and sentiments in the young minds which will harm the cordial socio-secular fabric of the country. 

The National Representative Council demands that the NEP must be scrapped and the government shall adopt an education system that enables to build a vibrant and cordial country.

  • Corruption Unchecked

The Rafael deal is still suspected to be a big scandal that more than 40,000 crores of rupees have been swindled by the Modi lead BJP government. BJP government is denying giving the information of the deal to the public under the garb of “National Security”. Nevertheless, the questions haunting in the public are still unanswered.  Why the escalated price of Rs.1700 crores instead of Rs.715 crores paid for the purchase of fighter jets and why the deal was brokered through Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense Limited instead of HAL ?. Why the technological transfer of the fighter jets to HAL was cancelled by the BJP government?

The PM Care Fund is also suspected to be a big legitimized  scandal.  Donations and contributions were poured in to the Fund. Public fund was collected from the business classes, employees and from International sources too.   Surprisingly the details of the total funds collected, its donors and the expenditure have not been publicly disclosed and audited. It’s evident that the commencement of PM Cares Fund had not been discussed by the cabinet before it was commenced. Yet, nobody knows how much of amount collected and for what purpose it was used and how much of amount spent. 

The National Representative Council finds that The PM Cares Fund is a big scandal as the same engrossed several irregularities and violations of rules and regulations.  This Council demands that the Honorable Supreme Court should appoint a Special Enquiry Commission to probe every aspects of the corruption in both Rafael and PM Care Fund.

  • Need to Conduct Cast Census and Provide Reservations Accordingly.

The major chunk of Indian population is poverty ridden and deprived of development. The country stands behind the neighboring countries in almost all global indices of social development. The people belongs to upper castes are enjoying the fruits of development in almost all fields including political power which is the result of  long prevailing discrimination on the basis of castes, religion, region and language. This disparity is the prime obstacle for an overall development of our country.

The National Representative Council demands that the Government shall conduct ‘Cast Census’ all over India and provide reservations in education, employment and politics to all casts and communities according to their backwardness.

  • Proportionate Representation System to establish ‘Real Democracy’ in the country.

Democracy in India is still a far reaching goal to the people belonging to certain classes, castes and groups as the political power in the country has been dominantly benefited to few casts, groups and families. Dynasty domination, money and muscle politics, upper cast hegemony, etc have controlled the power in our country where the weaker sections, minorities, marginalized classes are still bearing the brunt of hegemonic and nepotistic power game. Democracy will be meaningful and more productive if every class, caste and stratum get representation in the houses.

The National Representative Council demands that “Proportionate Representation System of Democracy” shall be introduced and implemented in Indian democracy to enable “Real Democracy” and to pave the way for representation from every sections of the society.

  1. India needs to work out to face the challenges of ‘Climate Change’.

Global warming is taking the toll in every country as the climate has been changing to extreme catastrophe which devastating the ecology and lives.  The unscientific, oppressive and cumbersome means of development is the main cause for such devastation across the globe.  In India the people are facing the challenges of such ecological destruction due to ‘climate change’.  The polluted Indian cities, cloud bursts, landslides, draught, etc are the impacts of global warming.

The National General Council urge the government that it should plan and work to curb the climate change without any compromise.

  1. Protect the ethnicity of Lakshadweep

The group of Indian islands in the Arabian Sea is the unique isles where ethnic people are living peacefully and cordially with their unique identity and culture.  Their eco-friendly lifestyles are helpful to protect the island and its distinct existence. The new administration of the Lakshadweep has been turned to be tyrannical which trying to change the unique identity and existence of the islands through paradigm shift of rules and policies.   The meaningless, ruthless and absurd policies of the administration are happen to be destructive.

The National Representative Council call upon the people to oppose and resist the anti-people rule of the Lakshadweep administration and trounce any move of spoiling the ethnicity and uniqueness of the isles.

  1. SDPI is the Alternate to thwart fascism from the country.

Our country is passing through a critical juncture as the fascism spread its tentacles to every aspect including the government.  The regime is in a spree of foiling the constitution and implementing the vicious ‘Manuvadi’ agenda. The opposition parties are silent and unresponsive to the nefarious rule of the regime.  Social Democratic Party of India is always at the forefront in opposing and resisting the fascism and anti-people designs in the country.  The ideals of SDPI “Freedom from Hunger and Freedom from Fear’ is most appropriate and need of the hour to build this country as a ‘Welfare State’.

The National Representative Council call upon the people to support and join SDPI to defeat fascism and strengthen SDPI as an alternative political party.

The Council concluded with a grand felicitation program attended by the cadres and supporters of the party.