New Delhi: 21 August, 2022 (Press Release). With rampant cases of rape and murder, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has demanded the BJP government to take strong steps against perpetrators of rape and murder and ensure safety of women, children and other vulnerable segments of society.

In a press statement, Yasmin Farouqui National General Secretary of SDPI condemned the BJP government for failing to implement laws to curb heinous crimes such as rape and murder. Yasmin Farouqui said that the dual rape and murder of a nine-year and five-year old girls in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh has once again shocked the people, who were already seething with rage over the unjustified release of 11 convicts by the Gujarat government. This exposes the BJP’s claim of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Yasmin Farouqui said.

The Thursday’s (18 August) rape of two minor Muslim girls and murder of one of them by 25-yearl-old Kapil Kashyap in Ghaziabad’s Modi Nagar area is the latest example of how cases of rape and murder are increasing. This is happening because of absence of fear for laws in the minds of culprits as evident from the Bilkis Bano case in which the convicts of the most heinous gang-rape and multiple murders including that of a three-year-old child were not only released but also welcomed with sweets and shamelessly garlanded by members of the extremist Hindutva outfit, Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Strongly condemning both the cases, Yasmin Farouqui demanded rigorous punishment including life imprisonment for Kashyap and withdrawal of release order of the 11 convicts to restore people’s faith in law and give justice to women and innocent children.