The leniency in dealing with cases of mob lynching has given rise to the number of such murders. The states ruled by Congress Party are no exception. We strongly condemn these murders and demand swift and stringent action against the culprits. These views were expressed by Mohammad Shafi, national vice president of Social Democratic Party of India.

Reacting to the murder of a Dalit man Kojaram Meghwal from Asadi village of Barmer district in Rajasthan, Shafi said that the number of murders as a result of mob lynching and group violence has been higher in the Congress-ruled Rajasthan than other states which indicates to the state government’s failure and leniency in dealing with such criminals who use their brazen force to target members of Dalits, Muslims and other vulnerable sections of society. The 40-year-old Meghwal’s death as a result of beating with sticks is the latest example. Had the government taken strong and appropriate action in the previous cases of mob lynching of Muslim youths, it could have served as a deterrent to the killers of the poor Dalit man.

SDPI thetefore demands immediate arrest of all the accused and suitable compensation along with a governent job as also demanded by the family of the deceased Meghwal. There should be no respite for the guilty, Shafi said.