New Delhi, 3rd June 2022: MK Faizy, National President of the Social Democratic Party of India took strong exception to the Enforcement Directorate act of freezing the bank accounts of Popular Front of India and Rehab India Foundation. The act of ED unveils the dastardliness of the rulers, opined Faizy.

The Enforcement Directorate has been behind these organisations for the past several years. The offices and residences of the leaders of these two organisations have been regularly raided by ED in these years and ED has appallingly failed in finding any misappropriation of funds or unlawful money deals. Popular Front has been a sore in the eyes of the fascists on account of their uncompromising stand against the fascist bigotry and misrule. Rehab India Foundation, an independent charity organisation working in the remote villages in north India to uplift the downtrodden villagers is being intentionally linked by the fascist government to Popular Front so that the same allegation against Popular Front could be extended to Rehab, as well.

It is an obvious fact that money transacted through bank accounts is not black money but accounted money, and money launderers use other means than bank accounts to launder black money. So, it is a sort of ridiculousness and sneering at the commonsense to freeze legally operated bank accounts alleging money laundering, said Faizy.

The present act of freezing the accounts and hyperbolising it using the paid godi- media is part of the continuing effort of the fascist to tarnish and demonise these organisations. The ED has been made servile to the fascists and the rulers are using ED to intimidate and stifle the voices raising against the fascist atrocities and misrule. The opposition Congress Party leaders have also been served notices by the ED. Unless the secular democratic citizens unite and stand against the fascist excesses, be ready to hear the knock of fascists on your door too, warned Faizy.