@ Conference. A Sayeed, 2nd from right


The main challenges faced by the Muslim Community is connected to social Explosion, they are systematically blocked from the rights, opportunities, resources and all the essentials of the day to day life.

Plans are going on to drive away Muslims from their visionaries, agriculture and they are kept away from education, government jobs, power to rule, legal protection, rule of law and also they are avoided from voters list and census.

The Muslims are now being excluded from the mainstream of social life. This is derived from politics of hatred. The conventional communal thinking and caste prejudice have already their way influencing over Indian Society. Meanwhile Hindutwa programs as added fuel to the communal spirit inIndia. Now each and every fold of our social life has fallen into the rip of communal influence. At last global anti-Muslim programs also are taking its way through the Indian administration, media and social life.

US andIsraelare now the biggest and most trustful friends of Indian rulers. India-US joint working groups and India-Israel working groups are actively working in our country with hidden agendas.

From 1992, after the establishment of diplomatic relationship with Israel, Indiais witnessing mysterious incidents including armed attacks and blasts. This starts from the demolition of Babri Masjid in which I suspect that hands ofIsrael are involved with the Hindutwa forces. All the so called terrorist attacks which are matter for discussion in our media, the administration and also in diplomatic relations took place since 1992.

This is a part of programs framed to alienate Muslims and to stimulate the program of their exclusion from the society. All the political parties in India, most of the media and even judiciary are participating in this program. Indian Judiciary has formed a legal colloquium with Israelsince 2008 when a delegation under the leadership of Justice K.G. Balakrishnan visited Israel. This has damaged the free nature of Indian Judiciary, at-least towards Muslims. Silence of the Human Rights & Cultural Society of India in this regard is a crime.

Indian politics is no discussing about the Narendra Modi factor. Narendra Modi of course is a threat to the Indian Social Fabric. He represents two menaces:

1. Politics of hatred

2. Capitalist model of reformation

But these symptoms do not confine to Narendra Modi. The political system inIndiais now all set to receive on Narendra Modi or another. The Indian democracy is now strengthened with anti-people draconian laws.

The judicial proceedings are turned in transparent whenever and wherever necessary. Communal and cast prejudices are influencing the Indian administration. Our media is now purchased by these forces and most of them are now only loud speakers for the government and police versions. Whoever sits in the chair, put in the midst of these administration infrastructures, will act as a dictator. The only solution is a total change in Indian Politics and a new political movement led by intellectuals, Human Rights Activists, thinkers, and learned people, as in the pre-independence era of struggle for freedom.

Note: These are the excerpts from the speech delivered by A. Sayeed, National President-[SDPI] Social Democratic Party of India, at the 4th Annual Conference "Challenges before Minorities" of ETV-Urdu held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 22 June 2013.