Muzaffar Nagar/UP:
A fifteen members’ delegation team, under the leadership of SDPI President A Sayeed, visited refugee camps and some of the riot hit areas of Muzafar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh yesterday. The team took stock of the situation consulting house-keepers and inmates of refugee camps, social workers and Ulemas. In a press statement issued after completion of the visit A. Sayeed expressed the hope that people of Uttar Pradesh will defeat the communal agenda of BJP.

Brutal and barbarous offences took place in the villages around Muzafar Nagar. Humanity totally failed. The death toll reckoned officially is incorrect. There are several cases of dead bodies buried without postmortem examination. Even minor children and women participated in the unilateral attacks towards minority community. Several minority dwellings have been completely demolished and wiped out. If the number is 5 in one village it is 450 in another. As usual police and rule of law stood passive.

A specific case is pointed out here with a hope of action from the administration. Sandeep Singh, Gram Panchayat Pradhaan of Dolera offered protection to some Muslim families and invited them to his house. They took shelter there. Mrs. Lalli wife of Hakmu now complains that her daughter Sameena aged 17 years, who was with her in Sandeeps Singh’s residence, is now missing. She doubts that she is still under the custody of the gram pradhaan. There are other cases of men missing also. The police have taken them in to custody to book them in false cases, it is apprehended.

Sayeed demanded that the losses, including death, shall be reckoned truthfully and compensation paid to all the deserved. The accustomed betrayal of putting victims into cases should not repeat. Immediate steps for the rehabilitation of refugees are to be taken with the help of Muslims and voluntary organizations.

What happened in Muzafar Nagar is a part of dirty communal politics of BJP, Sayeed alleged. It was not a casual incident. Planning for a riot has begun in the area months before. Large scale production of country made knives was noticed. The area witnessed spreading of hatred, clashes and isolated killings early in August. A strong intervention from the side of government and administration could have avoided such a wide spread and deep rooted brutality. With the Lok Sabha elections ahead and Narendra Modi, a champion of genocide, their prime minister candidate, BJP is looking forward for communal polarization and profit from bloodshed and dead bodies. Other political parties also expect political gain through communal disturbance.

Sayeed said that party volunteers are engaged in relief works along with other voluntary organizations and the party will help legal fighting to get all the culprits brought under the purview of legal action. He held that SDPI will strive hard to bring back peace and communal harmony in the area. The party will lead discussions with leaders of both the communities. He emphasized that the hope that people of Uttar Pradesh will defeat the communal agenda of BJP.

The delegation team included E Abu backer founder president of SDPI, Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan Vice-President, Adv. Sharafuddin Ahmed General Secretary, Adv. Sajid Siddeeqi Treasurer, Noushad, Safeeh Secretariat members, Adv. Vijender Khasana and Kiran Pal.