SDPI observes April 14th, the birth day of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, as Social Justice Day. The party has designed various programmes to express solidarity with different struggles for Social Justice going in India.

In his speech A. Sayeed expressed his concern on how the communal fascists are create hatred among the people of the nation in order to take on the throne. He said the BJP remembers Sri Ram and the proposed temple in his name in Ayodhya. Now, when the 2014 Lok Sabha election is at the door BJP president Mr. Rajnadh Singh says that BJP will construct Ram Temple in the site where Babri Masjid was demolished, if they get absolute majority in the parliament. Mr. L K Advani states that he is proud of the ramjanmabhoomi movement. Mr. Ashok Singal, Mr Praveen Togadia also haveappeared delivering hateful statements. Social Democratic Party of India strongly protests against theseattempts to promote politics of hatred. This way the BJP is trying to dominate in the political scenario of the country spreading hate among its people.

Criticizing the communal politics he said, Indians are facing problems in economy and social sectors. Both are two sides of a coin. Indian politics now finger points to Narendra Modi. Some try to take fruit of his fascist face. Some try to promote him and up hold him in the media. Congress tries to frighten the nation finger pointing to Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is a symbol of the present socio-political trend of India. He gives signal of two menaces. The first is a desire for extermination of a whole community. The second is the trend of handing over the public property of the nation to money powers in order to create a fake image of development. Both these perilous trends are assembled in Narendra Modi. But these are not limited toNarendra Modi. The whole Indian socio-political system is now made to suit to a dictator.

He notified the audience about the anti people approach developed in the Indian socio-political system is advancing from dangerous to dangerous situation. The socio-political-administrative-judicial system of our nation is now all set to enthrone a dictator. Indian democracy is now powered with draconian laws. Judiciary proceedings are not transparent. Rule of law is not impartial and there is persisting trend of spreading hatred and terror through government machinery and media. Narendra Modi is not the centre point of antipeople approaches developed in our country. Our administration system, government machinery, politicians, judiciary, media and artists have joined together to form a vicious machinery which develops hatred and produces one Narendra Modi or another.

While addressing the audience, A. Sayeed said Muslims in India are frightened both by the attacks from communal fascists and also by the injustice towards them from side of government. A situation has now been developed in our country which lets the communal forces free to do any kind of atrocities against Muslims including attempts for racial extermination. Appropriate legal actions have never been taken in any of the communal attacks took place in India. In addition innocent Muslims are arrested and detained in jail Page 2for year on false charges. Though innocence has been proved in certain cases, youths are further detained in jails booking them in other false cases. This is a planned programme to humiliate and isolate the Muslim Community. All the political parties in the country are participants in this conspiracy. Muslims are the most targeted community and daliths are the most neglected. Social Democratic Party of India will ever struggle for equality and justice which are denied on communal and caste grounds.

The whole world is observing April 18th as ‘world heritage day.’ It aims to raise public awareness about the diversity and vulnerability of the world’s built monuments and heritage sites and the efforts required to protect and conserve them. A number of historical monuments, sites and mosques are neglected and facing devastation in West Bengal. The reason, I fear, is that they belong to Muslim heritage. I would take this occasion to request the state unit SDPI to have some awareness programme on the coming 18th to remind the government and the people of West Bengal the vulnerable situation around the hereditary monuments in West Bengal.

Reservation is not a favour. It is the right of the down trodden and marginalized. In order to correct the imbalance in terms of wealth, employment, education, political participation and other spheres of life, countries all over the world have turned to practices of reservation for the discriminated groups. The Indian constitution also stipulates reservation to ensure social equality and share of power among all sections of people in the country. Despite the provisions in the constitution and recommendations of several commissions and committees, this remedial measure has not been properly implemented in India. Reservation to Muslims is denied by the governments fromtime to time. Courts also put some impediments raising one reason or another.

The one year long campaign will be inaugurated by the National President A Sayeed at Kolkata on the Social Justice Day. Mr. Sharfuddin Ahmed General Secretary, Mr. Sam Kutty Jacob Vice-President, Mr. Noushad Punnakkal National Working Committee member will attend the function. Mr. Swapan Kumar Biswas President Dalith – Muslim Friendship Association, Mr. Vikram Sarkar President Bharathiya Bahujan Samaj Party, and Mr. Tayedul Islam State President Social Democratic Party of Indiawill also participate.

On this Social Justice Day, Social Democratic Party of India is beginning one year long campaign to awake people against injustice and lack of equality. Here, I declare the inauguration of one year long campaign demanding reservation proportional to population. Those present on the occasion were:

SDPI National President Mr. A Sayeed
Mr. Sharfuddin Ahmed General Secretary,
Mr. Sam Kutty Jacob Vice-President,
Mr. Noushad Punnakkal National Committee Member
Mr. Swapan Kumar Biswas President Dalith – Muslim Friendship Association,
Mr. Vikram Sarkar President Bharathiya Bahujan Samaj Party,
Mr. Tayedul Islam State President SDPI West Bengal and other dignitaries took part in the public program.