New Delhi, 4th September, 2022: In yet another move to weaken the spirit of competitiveness among companies producing fertilisers, the BJP has announced to re-brand all fertilizers as “Pradhanmantri Bharatiya Januvarak Pariyojna” or PMBJP to implement the One Nation One Fertiliser scheme. This is intended to sell a hollow and hyperbolic development slogan to divert the nation’s and the farmers’ attention from their long-standing rightful demands, said MK Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India.

Faizy said that that the idea of such a politically-motivated one-man, one-party branding of Eurea, DAP, MOP, NPK, etc, smacks of a foul trading move. He questioned if it is directed to help some corporate houses and put the fertilisers-producing companies at the receiving end, because it clearly promotes the BJP as the sole proprietor of national production companies, as the acronym PMBJP suggests. This self-promotion will reduce competition and decrease the brand value of the companies which have helped increase India’s productivity over decades, added the SDPI leader.

This single-branding advertisement as announced by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers, according to which two-thirds space in the bags will be given to the new branding and logo while only one-third would be for the fertiliser companies, will disincentivise the companies and their marketing activities, and in case of unmet requirement, the famers will be left with no choice but to depend on government dictated anti-farmer policies as they will not be able to make the fertilizer companies accountable, said Faizy.