New Delhi:

The Political Party Social Democratic Party of India has intensified its ongoing campaign for the release of Muslims, tribals and rights activists languishing in jails being falsely accused of terror charges under UAPA and other anti-people black laws; organized a massive rally and a public meeting in New Delhi.

The Party activists had organized a massive rally with the title “Chalo Batla House” followed by a public program at Batla House Chowk. The activists demanded the release of Muslim youth implicated in terror cases and scraping of anti people laws UAPA and AFSPA.

The meeting emphasized that a large number of innocent persons remain in prisons and their trials are indefinitely delayed. It is revealed by study reports that in all states the percentage of Muslim prisoners far exceeds their population percentage. Along with Muslims, tribals and right activists are also being jailed after falsely implicating them in extremism cases in some parts of the country. They are repeatedly denied bail in the name of UAPA provisions even after no concrete evidence could be produced to justify their detention.

A. Sayeed, SDPI National President

“The situation will change only if victimized communities get politically empowered by themselves. Muslims have now become the target of communalist and imperialist forces all over the world. Global anti-Muslim forces are successfully implementing their programmes in India using government machinery. All the incidents now being projected as terrorist attacks from the side Muslims, took place after 1992, after the doors of the country were opened for Israel through diplomatic relationship. Allegations against Muslims in several incidents were afterwards proved false, but jails and defamation are still reserved for Muslims. Protests and demands have proved futile in front of the prejudices prevailing in the governance in India and it is time for the victimized communities to get empowered politically by their own means.

E Abu Backer [former National Prez, SDPI]

“Other than the lip services repeatedly offered by a few minority leaders of the Congress party, the UPA government has not yet initiated any steps for its implementation. Other political parties also are not showing any interest in the issue of Muslim reservation. The fact that the parliament has not even witnessed a serious discussion about the issue illustrates the apathy of mainstream political parties”.