19 July 2016: The National Working Committee of SDPI was held at Bangalore on 19th July 2016 and passed the following resolutions:


1. SDPI Strongly Condemns The Efforts of demoralizing Muslim Community by the Communal and Political Outfits
As part of the ongoing conspiracy, Muslim personalities and organizations in the country have been targeted by the vested interests with false allegations. Recent incidents of vilification campaign of Muslim personalities have been condemned by the Muslims all over the country with massive protests and rallies. Popular Front of India and other organizations also organized such protests with the presence of huge mass. At this juncture, some vested and prejudiced interests and a section of media have deliberately used this occasion and propagated false and concocted news that ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogan was shouted in the rallies. This was a blatant lie and there is no proof for the allegation. These howlers are doing nothing but creating animosities in the country by dividing the people and paving the way for anarchy. This is harmful to the welfare of our nation. The central government, instead of taking stringent action against such elements, is dancing to the tune of fascist forces which unveils its hidden agenda. SDPI strongly condemns the double standards and discriminating policies of the BJP government. SDPI calls upon peace loving citizen of this country and secular political parties to unite to overturn the divisive forces which are concocting and spreading lies and hatred among the people.

2. SDPI condemns derogatory statement on SDPI by Kerala CM
The Chief Minister of Kerala state’s derogatory statement in Kerala Assembly on SDPI is condemnable. Being a Chief Minister who is responsible for the welfare of the people should always speak truth and maintain transparency in his addresses. His prejudiced and intolerant attitude is very harmful for the people of the state. His statement is applicable to his own Communist Party of India (CPM). This is the prime time for CPM, the party and its leaders to introspect themselves. In the bloodshed political history of Kerala after independence, CPM has lead the murderous politics by killing highest number of people compared to other parties like BJP, Congress and IUML. Recent information reveals that from 2005 to 2015 CPM killed 45 people averaging 4 per year. CPM has laid its existence in Kerala state by doing politics of violence and brutality. If C.M is in a delusion that he can deceive Kerala people with lies, then it will be a doom for the party in the state. SDPI will reach out to the people with facts and figures to unmask the real face of CPM.