MODI GOVERNMENT RIDICULES SECULARISM BY RAISING FUND THROUGH SBI FOR TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION – SDPINew Delhi, 28th Aug 2020: Collecting money using State Bank of India for Ram Temple construction is as unethical as the construction of the temple in the plundered land of Babari Masjid. It challenges the secular nature of the country, stated Abdul Majeed, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India. India is still a secular country, albeit the fanatic fascist forces ruling the country. Demolition of Babari Masjid was the second terrorist activity in independent India, after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The Babari Masjid land was illegally handed for temple construction by the Supreme Court, contrary to its own findings that there hadn’t been any proof to establish that the Masjid was constructed by destroying a temple; and demolition of the Masjid was illegal. The present move to collect fund through SBI for temple construction is not the last unethical and anti-secular act of Modi government. The silence of the so-called secular parties on the issue is most alarming than the central government’s anti-secular act. They seem to have taken all the anti-democratic and anti-secular activities of the Modi government for granted which enables the government to implement all its fascist agendas with ease. Unless the secular minded people of the nation come forward to resist and defeat the RSS agenda to convert the country into a Hindutwa Rashtra based on Manusmriti, the India of diversity will remain a past-time story. Protests ought to arise against the present plan of using SBI to raise fund for temple construction, said Abdul Majeed.