Kerala Police Act 118A Amendment Is Fascistic and Anti-DemocraticKerala is a state ruled by the Left Democratic Front, led by the self-proclaimed anti-fascist CPM who claims that they stand for freedom of expression and for civil rights. The amendment of Kerala Police Act, Section 118 A signed by the Governor the other day exposes the hypocrisy of the party on freedom of expression and civil rights. The amendment which stipulates either imprisonment up to five years or a fine to the tune of Rs. 10,000 or both to those who produce, publish or disseminate content through any means of communication with an intention to intimidate, insult or defame any person through social media, without doubt open the doors of abuse of power to the police. As per the new amendment any expression could be interpreted as intimidatory, insulting or defamatory by the police. The statement of the Chief Minister that the Amendment would not be used against free speech or impartial journalism is hard to believe in the current situation which day by day tells that the police force is not under the control of the Home Ministry. The Supreme Court of India had annulled similar amendments such as Section 66A of the IT Act and Section 118 d of the Kerala Police Act, on the grounds that those were against freedom of expression. The amendment is certainly intended to stifle the criticisms against the government and to curb the freedom of press. The CPM-led government seems to be motivated by the Ajay Bisht’s UP government which is in the process of unscrupulously undermining the democratic system and political ethics by enacting draconian laws to suppress the voices raising against the government and the ruling party. CPM welcomes and supports any draconian law when it is used against its opponents, and they oppose and protest the same laws when it is invoked against its leaders and cadres. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is against all types of draconian laws that restrain the freedom of the citizen. SDPI urges all other left parties and human rights activists and organisations to strongly oppose the draconian law, and demands the state government to revoke the amendment and to show its commitment to the people.