The Karnataka Assembly election results have shown that people are real winners. They have rejected the BJP’s divisive politics and voted for democracy and secularism. The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) congratulates the people of Karnataka for defeating the hate-mongering, communal politics, Elyas Thumbe, national general secretary of SDPI, said in a press statement.

Thumbe said that the mandate is against the BJP’s hate politics and communal agenda to divide people and rule over them. Congress Party should work to establish real democracy and secularism, and meet people’s expectations by creating jobs and ensuring their safety and security, said the SDPI leader. The damages caused to the secular values in the past by the Congress, must not be repeated. If it does not do so, the same people will reject it in future.

SDPI stands with the people and is committed to its motto of a hunger-free and fear-free society.