New Delhi, 8th June 2021: Mohammed Shafi, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India has, in a strongly worded statement, condemned the inhuman act of murdering patients in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh. The act of the hospital authorities in Agra is culpable homicide and they should be charged with section 302 of IPC and sentenced with the maximum punishment permitted by the law, for this unparalleled brutality to the fellow-creatures, demanded Shafi.The heinous act, tantamount to pre-meditated murder, that took place at Paras Hospital, Agra on 27th April has now been brought to light in a video recorded on 28th April wherein Arinjay Jain, the owner of the hospital could be heard saying his hospital cut off oxygen supply to patients for a 5-minute “mock drill” on April 27th. “Twenty-two patients started gasping for breath and their bodies began turning blue. We came to know that they will not survive,” and these 22 patients succumbed to the brutal and fatal “mock-drill.” This is nothing but planned murder. This horrendous act exposes the value assigned to human lives in the model Hindutva-state of UP, that is ruled by the incarnation of a devil in saffron robes. Response of the District Magistrate that there was no death due to lack of oxygen on that day the alleged video was recorded; brings out another fact of maladministration with regard to the registration of deaths and the information being circulated by the authorities. When the hospital owner categorically tells that 22 patients died following the “mock-drill,” the DM is denying any death due to lack of oxygen that day!One who has thoroughly known the RSS fascist character would not wonder as to how human can commit such cruelty on his fellow-creatures. Misdeeds that the civilised society count as crimes and anti-human are legalised good deeds for the Sangh Parivar. UP is the breeding ground of RSS hatred where humanitarian aspects have no value. Increase in crimes in UP is propelled by the indifferent attitude of the government towards crimes, whose priority is not welfare of the people or law and order of the state; but building of Manusmriti based caste-rashtra, main component of which is annihilation of other faiths and people of those faiths. The government is concentrated in making this dream come true. In UP, notorious for extra judicial killings, it has been mob lynching of people on streets for their food habits, and for not chanting jaisriram by the RSS goons, and encounter killing by the government so far. Now a new item, ‘mock-drill-murder’ has been added to the list of the killer squad. Anybody can easily grasp the reason why the anti-human activities, whether it is rape, molestation, paedophilia, murder of any sort, are on the rise in UP. As the adage “yatha raajaa, thathaa praja,” goes, the subjects of the rulers will definitely follow the ruler. No crimes, especially against the dissenting folks, but anything that hurts the cow, are treated a crime in UP. The culprits get full support from the government and sometimes the offenders are garlanded and even rewarded for the crime with high positions in the government. In an environment like this, such heinous acts will continue to rise. But no human being can stand silent against such cruelties and strong protests need to arise in the state, and it should be ensured that the culprits are punished exemplarily, said Shafi.