New Delhi
Ek pe Hamla Desh pe Hamla, Ek pe Hamla Sab pe Hamla, were the slogans raised during a massive rally organized by Social Democratic Party of India protesting against the rise of atrocities on Dalits in the country, particularly in the Northern India.
Since the BJP took over the reigns under the prime ministership of Modi, the bloodshed is on the rise. It’s not only the Sikhs and Muslims but the lives of Dalits too are at stake. The Bhagwa [Saffron] violence is continuing unhindered. The dreadful Atali incident was a trailer and now the burning of innocent kids is another trailer in Haryana, which is purportedly a laboratory of Hindutwa wildness, said Party Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin while addressing the media persons during the protest demonstration. He said, the idea is to inhibit Dalits and remind them of their identity ‘Shudra’, given by the so called upper class.
He further said, it is a united fight intended to cease the caste discrimination in the society and make people of aware of the evil designs of the Manu followers who are recklessly determined to divide the nation over religion.
Professor Shams-ul-Islam, a prominent author who has unearthed and published several horrific facts showing how anti-national the ideology of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh is, said it’s the idea of enslaving people, subduing their voice and even kill them to capture power by dividing people on the religious lines. And this idea has functioned in Sikh 1984 genocide, Gujrat 2002, Muzaffarnagar, Atali, Faridabad and such innumerable frightening occurrences.
He reminded several awful disturbing incidents encountered recently including that of burning a 90 year old Dalit when he tried to enter a temple in Hamirpur UP, charring to death of 2 innocent kids in Haryana, mowing down of 5 Dalits by a tractor in Rajasthan, stripping off a Dalit couple by police in Noida and such myriad episodes.
Several Dalit activists and leaders took part in the rally, a few among them were Dalit Activist S.C Mehrol, Eminent Writer Dr Shamsul Islam, Dr. Neelima Sharma of Nishant Natya Manch Advovacate Franklin of NCDC, Moolchand of BAMCEF and Manoj Kumar of INSAAF.
The protest rally was led by party vice president Adv Sharfuddin, and the other party leaders present were National Secretary Rafiq Jabbar Mulla, Delhi General Secretary I.A Khan, Delhi Secretary Naved Azim and a huge number party cadres and members with the participation of a number of BAMCEF leaders and members.