New Delhi 8 Sept.: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has expressed deep anguish over the signing of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement, (LEMOA), between India and the United States. The party termed it as “sell out of India” by the Modi Government as earlier the NDA-I and the UPA governments were not in favour.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said that this agreement seems to be more in favour of the US than India. The agreement is not sharing of military bases between the two countries as it is being made out to be. It would be more like: “India shares its Military bases” because the US doesn’t really share its bases with anyone. This shift to becoming an ally is contrary to our Indian tradition of being neutral in global politics which was represented by our initiatives for the Non-Aligned Movement. However, gone are the days of NAM which is now part of history as the nation has to align with the USA.

Sayeed said India has no stakes in the area where USA is located. So there is no possibility of India using US land. On the other hand, US has tensions with China, Russia, and North Korea. Therefore US needs Indian space for aiming their targets. These countries in a situation of war with US will certainly target US military locations. One of the locations would be India. So it may be a war between US & China at Indian soil. India may be the biggest loser due to this agreement. This move is beneficiary for the USA only. This is something US was trying for a decade. Now, Uncle Sam can have grip over China through India. The US got another place in Asia to spread its legs.

He said it is like return of East India Company in another form! India seems to be heading towards slavery again and be prepared for another 300 years of slavery. This is going to be end of Swaraj and self-sufficiency by becoming dependent on another country for our own Safety – as if more than 100 crore population did not have enough intelligent heads and courage to make our Defence forces strong enough! The US presence in India is more so to cause disturbance with neighbours.

He stated that this is bad foreign policy by India. He said: “We need to break the walls with China instead of creating new ones. China is our immediate neighbour and creating a prosperous neighbourhood should be our priority. The deal is likely to disrupt India’s existing security alliances. “Its implication is far greater because we are giving access to people who require access from us more than we will get. This actually put us in a very vulnerable position because we are strategically going against regional security alliances (China & Pakistan in this particular case).” However, the BJP while it was in the Opposition was so furious when the Congress government allowed the US jets to be fuelled in Mumbai in early 2000. It then accused Congress of selling India. Now, look at them they are doing what they have opposed throughout their life.

Sayeed pointed out that America used Iraq for Iran war, after that Iraq was captured by the US. As such unnecessary ties with the US will lead to fight with China. The US is not going to take India’s side militarily in a Sino-Indian war. The stakes are too high for them. It will not want a Third World War, especially when Putin has developed a good relationship with the Chinese. Moreover, if Pakistan provided such facilities for Russian and Chinese Nuclear Submarines in its Gwadar port, so then what will be the Indian and American Reaction?

He reminded that when Congress party as rulers did anything similar immediately the Communists and all other so called leftist parties made so much noise in Parliament against such moves long years ago. However, now there is no such move by them. There has been only a meek response by the Communists up till now while other political parties are in deep slumber seemingly ignorant of this development when the NDA has completed the sale of India to USA making it a slave nation.

The statement stared that India is set to lose its sovereign decision-making status and strategic independence”, he says, adding that LEMOA will still mark India as a secondary power and American camp follower. The stationing of US troops in India will cause “social turmoil” among Indian citizens and, should India be pulled into a conflict against its allies — China or Russia — it would be a “disaster”. As such India should be on its guard particularly dealing with powers which are superior to us, most of the times the superior power bends down on to pull the leg of its opponent, India should be on its guard on us business profit parasite mongers, there only brief is to be parasite and destroy its host!