Govt sponsered Lynchings and riots organised in the country to cover up failures of Modi regime: Abdul Majeed Mysore

Thiruvananthapuram: SDPI National General Secretary Abdul Majeed Mysore has said that mob lynchings and riots are being carried out in the country to cover up the failure of the Modi government. He was inaugurating the reception given to newly elected SDPI state office bearers in the capital by the Thiruvananthapuram District Committee.There is no opposition in the country. Opposition parties, including the Congress, the Samajwadi Party and other socialist parties, are not even willing to criticize the government. The opposition parties are compromising with the government. Karnataka Congress leader Parameswaran has said that if the Congress comes to power it will build a Ram temple in Ayodhya. This is the clear indication that where Congress is moving to. When Priyanka Gandhi was arrested by the police in UP, the Congress party would have gone for the stir throughout the country. But that did not happen, he said. When the Congress couldn’t do anything when its leader was arrested, then how what else it can do for common mass during their hard times?, he questioned.There is an undeclared state of emergency prevailing in India. Muslims are being targeted and killed in the name of Love Jihad and Land Jihad. State terrorism is rampant in India. Poverty is on the rise in the country. In Assam, thousands of poor people have been evacuated forcefully and killed several people by the BJP government despite high court orders. The economy of the country has been crushed to the ground and the Union Government is busy in selling Public Sector Companies. Even the country’s pride & only govt. owned airline was also sold. The demonitisation has devastated the country’s economy, including those of small traders. The people are witnessed for the massive deaths due to non availability of oxygen during Covid pandemic. Democracy in the country is under destruction in the country and the nation is leaning towards dictatorship. The economy ha been failed. There has been no progress in the infrastructure sector. Abdul Majeed Mysore said SDPI is fully committed to protect the Democracy and the constitution of this country.The reception rally started from Attakkulangara at 4 pm and ended at Nandavanam Muslim Association Hall. District President Siyad Kandala presided over the function. SDPI state president Muvattupuzha Ashraf Moulavi thanked the reception. National Secretariat member P Abdul Majeed Faizy, State Vice Presidents P Abdul Hameed and Tulsidharan Pallikkal, State General Secretaries Roy Arakkal, PK Usman, Ajmal Ismail, State Secretaries KK Abdul Jabbar, PR Siyad, KS Shan, Johnson Kandachira, Krishnan Eranjikal, P Jameela, State Secretariat members and State Committee members, District General Secretary Shabeer Azad, District Vice Presidents, District Secretaries and District Treasurer were present.