MK Faizy, National President of the Social Democratic Party of India strongly slammed the raids in the residences and offices of the Popular Front of India, and the arrest of its leaders in the wee hours today. The craven fascist regime that has completely failed in the development of the nation is creating a shadow enemy of the country to cover up their failure in governance.

More than hundred top leaders of the Popular Front of India and a few leaders of the Social Democratic Party of India have been reported to be arrested across the country after the midnight yesterday. The arrested include the national and state leaders of Popular Front of India. It is the NIA and the ED, two servile tools in the hands of the Hindutva regime to intimidate its opponents, that conducted raids in the houses of the leaders and arrested them.

The nationwide raids in the residences of the leaders are the affirmative sign of the efforts to stifle the dissenting voices. In the past few years in which the mainstream political parties have become mute about the fascist atrocities in the country, it has been the Popular Front of India and the Social Democratic Party of India that have taken up the role of the opposition in challenging the undemocratic, divisive politics of the Hindutva fascists that leads the country into peril.

If the RSS led fascist regime is dreaming about oppressing the dissenting voices by such show-off of raids and arrests, it will remain a dream only, said Faizy. The unjust raids and arrests will be resisted using people’s agitations. The raids and arrests of the leaders are meant to demonise the organisations, and create phobia among the innocent people of the country and a deemed enemy to the country. The regime has failed to prove any offences of anti-national activities or financial misappropriation against the organisations, despite their incessant allegations and raids.

The silence of the so called secular political parties in the country towards the unfair and undemocratic acts of the fascist regime is the most perturbing and regrettable part, pointed out Faizy.

He urged that all secular parties should unite and come forward to oppose and defeat the Hindutva fascist regime; and demanded that all the arrested leaders should be released immediately. He further warned that the Social Democratic Party of India will lead democratic agitations involving the secular citizens of the country against the undemocratic fascist acts of the government.