Fight for Restoration of Freedom

Independence Day Message

The nation is celebrating its 74th Independence Day. It’s amidst the government tightening the Indian people with the chains of oppression using all its machineries, another Independence Day has come. May the remembrance of Independence Day become the strength for restoration of the lost freedom. I convey condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the heavy rains and natural calamities in Assam, Bihar and Kerala, and offer support to all who are suffering in this distress. I share the difficulties of all those who are undergoing crisis following Covid 19. On this Independence Day, I share the sorrow of the kith and kin of the soldiers who were killed while safeguarding the country.We are living in a more dangerous situation in the country. Constitutional values, fundamental rights and the sovereignty of the nation are being sold out to the Hindutwa fascism and corporate giants. The concept of democracy even, has turned out to be fascism in the country. Government is hunting their bete-noire using the democratic systems including police and judiciary. The atrocities and hounds earlier carried out by the RSS have now become the policy and agenda of the central government. By laying the foundation stone for the temple on the illegally plundered land of Babari Masjid by himself, the prime minister was declaring that India is nearing the Hindutwa Rashtra. Beginning of construction of the temple on the Babari land is the continuation of the injustice and infringement of handing over the land of Masjid to temple by sabotaging all concepts of justice and values that existed in the country, following the destruction of Babari Masjid by the Hindutwa terrorist group by whipping up religious sentiments. Wicked efforts to alienate Muslims through amending citizenship law are rapidly progressing in the greenroom. Central government is hurriedly implementing their racial agenda under the cover of Covid lockdown. Anti-CAA resistance raised on Indian streets by lining up women and children had been very strong. What the post-Covid Indian political milieu signifies is that this agitation which was paused due to Covid is not one to be ended so. Those who had participated in and those who led the Citizenship agitations are being hunted deliberately. News of sexual assault on many Jamia Millia women students revealed by the fact-finding team led by Aruna Roy, the other day is shocking. It is under the nose of parliament and Supreme Court, the guards of democracy, that these atrocities including sexual abuse of female students have happened by running rough shod over all human rights. The fact-finding report says that the police have not initiated to book cases or register FIR on these issues. At the same time, the government have arranged jails for the dissenters.One year has elapsed since a State has been put under detention after abrogation of the special rights of Jammu & Kashmir. The ethnic discrimination that the government is implementing in Kashmir is unparalleled. That occurs in Kashmir is the government sponsored homicide of eliminating the people of the own land using guns. It’s through the ‘celebration’ of oppression that even denies the means of communication to the Kashmiri citizens that another Independence Day is passing by. BJP ruled states, especially Uttar Pradesh are carrying out horrendous Muslim hunt. Experiences of government led fanaticism are emerging from UP. Government machinery has totally been hindutwaised and criminalised. What is seen in UP are the governance policies that ridicule human rationale and humanity. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) norms are amended to favour the monopolies to exploit the nature. Ecosystem will sustain only if the environment and bio-diversities are preserved. Protection of nature is not an agenda for the central government that focus on the industrial development of the corporates, it is understood.The government that boasts about development and progress in the name of the Indians in the first ten world-billionaires’ list is unable to see the fall of social standards in starvation, penury, malnutrition, unemployment, etc. The migrant workers who fell dead on the streets and railway tracks due to the Covid lockdown had been the real representation of the independent India. Fuel price in the country is rocketing despite the price-decline in the international market. Efforts are active to privatise public sector undertakings including Indian Railways, the largest PSU in the country. Doors of unbridled foreign investments are kept fully opened, even in defence sector. Not only the soil and water but also our aviation sector is being leased to foreign monopolies. It’s only corporate-servitude and fascist-isation that are taking place by replacing the governance for welfare in the democracy. What we witness is the pilot-test of the social and political approaches of their undeclared Hindutwa Rashtra. We are observing another Independence Day amidst this murky circumstance. Our country was freed from the invaders and the colonial rulers through continual fight and sacrifice of the lives of many. Utmost vigilance is inevitable to restore the freedom that is vanishing into memories. The key message that is to be comprehended on this Independence Day is to gear up for the fight for it. While urging all irrespective of sect, politics and religion to be ready to fight for it, Independence Day greetings to you all.With affectionate regards,MK FaizyNational President, SDPI