Extend a Helping Hand to the Indians Stranded in Kuwait – SDPI

Dhehalan Baqavi, national vice-president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has asked the government of India to arrange to bring back the Indian workers stranded in Kuwait following the Covid19 lockdown.

Kuwait had announced amnesty to the expatriate workers whose working visa had expired, without paying any fine till 30th April. Unfortunately, most of the applications submitted for Emergency Exit Passport were not considered by the Indian Embassy in Kuwait on time, leaving the Indian workers unable to avail the amnesty and leave Kuwait legally. They lost their jobs and income as they didn’t have valid work visa compelling them to vacate their living premises for not paying the rent. They are left to stay in open grounds as they could not be accommodated in the camps for the “illegal immigrants” provided by the Kuwait government due to lack of documents from the Embassy. They are facing severe hardships without food and bathroom and toilet facilities and the diabetic and cardiac patients among them are suffering due to non-availability of medicines. They are absolutely uncertain about making use of the amnesty to return back home, due to the indifferent attitude of the Indian Embassy.

Baqavi urged the Indian Embassy in Kuwait to immediately address the issue of these hapless Indians by accommodating them in the Indian schools in Kuwait and provide food and medicine until they are repatriated. He also requested the government of India to ensure that these Indian workers get necessary help from the Embassy, and they are brought back to India at the earliest.