Ensure Severe Punishment to the Culprits of Rape and Murder in Delhi – SDPI

The news of the murder of a 21-year-old woman civil defence officer who was working with District Magistrate in Delhi is highly horrendous, scary and shocking; maximum severe punishment should be ensured to the cruel murderer, stated MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India. Reports say that her breasts were chopped off, neck was slit and her private parts were mutilated. There are said to be several cut marks across her body. The incident is reported to have occurred on 26th August. Family of the victim alleges that she was murdered to hush up many surreptitious facts she was aware of such as corruption and malpractices inside the DM’s office and a secret lock-up inside the DM office where 3-4 lakh rupees used to be corruptly deposited every day. Police seem to have ignored the family’s accusation and they stand with the version of the culprit who had surrendered and confessed that he murdered her for her ‘illicit relationships’ she had with other men, and the victim was his wife. Dignity, modesty and safety of women in India, especially in Delhi and UP are at peril ever since the fascists assumed power at the centre. Rape and murder have become the privilege of certain group of people, as culprits of this heinous crime get support from the government and authorities instead of giving them deterrent punishment. This lethargic attitude by the authorities towards the rapists encourages the anti-socials to indulge in the dirty act. Faizy strongly condemned the stand of the police and demanded to form a special investigation team to probe the case and uncover the mystery behind the murder.