Don’t politicize the incident of attack on MLA : SDPI call upon political parties

Urges the police department for an impartial enquiry

Mysore-20 Nov, 2019: The attack on MLA and ex-minister Tanveer Sait on 17th November night in Mysore is highly Condemnable and unpardonable, said SDPI Karnataka. SDPI said, whoever does anti-social acts it must be unacceptable, punished and Condemned.

SDPI said, attacking on a peoples representative in front of the public shows that how dreadful the incident was. Such incidents creates unrest and anxiety in the society. While congratulating the police for arresting the culprit, SDPI urged the police to probe the incident appropriately and reveal the real motives behind the incident. The culprit must be punished for the crime. SDPI has full trust and hopes on police that they will investigate this matter impartially and will not arrest and use innocents in this matter.

SDPI said, the police already arrested and enquiring the culprit. The political leaders must have some sense that their misleading and stressful statements will badly impact on the good atmosphere of the society. It’s the habit of BJP and Congress to politicize any incidents happened and diverting it to their benefits.

Surprisingly, some political leaders assertion in politicizing the incident is a reflection of their irresponsible and misleading attitude. SDPI strongly condemns such irresponsible behavior. These leaders should need to be matured and know their responsibility by quitting their habits of defining every incidents beneath their nose and giving wrong messages to the society. They must understand that their assertions shall carry truth and sincerity.

We have been observing that there are some evil attempts to connect the Mysore incident to SDPI. We clarify here that there is no any connection between Sdpi and Mysore incident. SDPI is growing across the nation as an alternate political party with the dream of building a popular, secure and equally developed society. In view of gaining massive popularity by SDPI in the nation through creating awareness, intellectualism and political empowerment, the vested interests are taking part in the conspiracies of spreading falsehood and concocted allegations to tarnish the image of the party.

In the bye election of Dec 5, SDPI is contesting in SHIVAJINAGAR and HUNSUR constituencies. The political opponents have lost their patience in view of the popularity gaining by sdpi in these constituencies. It’s true that these political opponents are jealous on the popularity of sdpi which gained in short span of time.
SDPI Condemns the attempts of some vested media which are spreading false reports and rumor to mislead the people while the police investigation is in process. This is against the ethics of journalism. We urge the media to know their responsibility and impart their duty honestly without dereliction to the morality of journalism.
SDPI reiterates that the people participate in the election campaign are need not to be the ever and permanent members of those parties. The parties are not at all responsible for every acts of those people.

Present in the press meet:

  1. Abdul Majeed (National Gen. Secretary, SDPI)
  2. Devanoor Puttananjaiah (SDPI Candidate, Hunsur Assembly by election, State Vice President, SDPI Karnataka)
  3. Kumaraswamy (State Secretary, SDPI Karnataka)
  4. Abrar Ahmed (State Committee Member, SDPI Karnataka