New Delhi, 9th Jan 2022: Abdul Majeed Faizy, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India welcomed the intervention of the Madhya Pradesh High Court restraining the government officials from forcefully evicting child inmates of a Catholic orphanage in the state. In an atmosphere of escalating religious hostility of the hardcore rightwing Hindutva fascist forces against the non-Hindu religious communities in the country, such interventions from the judiciary are a ray of hope for the victims of the Sangh Parivar atrocities, stated Faizy.

At the same time, he expressed deep concern about the recent mounting violence by the Sangh Parivar forces against Christians across the country. Churches and religious congregations were rampantly vandalised and assaulted by these bigots during Christmas last year. Missionaries of Charity, an institution which Nobel laureate Mother Teresa founded in 1950 in Kolkata, to serve the poorest of the poor, is being specifically targeted and bullied. After denying the renewal of FCRA registration to this organisation, a group of Missionaries of Charity have now been evicted from a facility in Uttar Pradesh, the latest move against the institution. It was the inmates of a children’s home run by the nuns in Kanpur Cantonment who were evicted by India’s Defense Department. The move is just the latest in a series of actions the Indian government has taken against the Missionaries of Charity. The authorities have decided to impose a huge amount as fine on the organisation for occupying the land after the lease-period. Though the citizens of Kanpur were outraged at this eviction and takeover, they could remain mute spectators as the sisters had already decided to surrender the property, probably in the hope that by doing so the existing demand of for fine would be waived.

Though the court order to stop eviction of the children from St. Francis Sevadham Orphanage in Shyampur in Madhya Pradesh is a temporary respite to the inmates, the hard-line right-wing forces will not stop their attempts to bully and harass the Christians and their orphanages. The government officials were that cruel that they wanted the orphans to evict the premises, refusing to wait until the 44 inmates finished their lunch. The crime of the orphanage, as alleged by the Hindutva activists was that the orphans were being served beef and being forced to convert to Christianity. Both the accusations were earlier found to be false in an inquiry conducted by district police officials. It is the timely intervention of the Madhya Pradesh High Court that at the moment saved the orphans from being driven out to street in the chilling winter cold.

When the governments who are duty bound to safeguard the life and lives of the citizens irrespective of their religion, race, complexion, gender or language, are sponsoring religious hatred towards the minorities; people cannot expect justice from them. The one and only solution is to defeat the Sangh Parivar hooliganism through people’s resistance, said Faizy and he urged the non-Sangh Parivar people in the country to come forward unitedly for such a resistance to save the minorities and the country.