Building Temple on Masjid Land Is An assault On Constitutional Values – SDPI

M K Faizy, the national president of Social Democratic Party of India has stated that building Ram Temple on the land of Babri Masjid after its forcefull demolition is unethical, unjust and a challenge to democratic and secular values.

Babri Masjid has been a political tool for the RSS since long and it was by whipping up religious sentiments in the name of Ram Temple that BJP came to power at the centre. BJP now ruling for the second term with a convincing majority has saffronised all democratic and secular systems of the nation so that they could move forward with building a temple on a masjid site without much opposiltion.

The final verdict of Supreme Court in the Babari case was repudiated as unjust by all right-thinking people and legal experts. The apex court had handed over the Masjid land to construct temple, by deciding against its own findings listed in the judgement.
Even, the Congress party whose leaders are now over-enthusiastically venturing to overtake BJP in the temple construction at Ayohya had condemned the order of the Supreme Court as unjust.

It is to be remembered that Congress party which was in power at the centre and U P had facilitated the RSS agenda through a series of acts from installing Ram idol inside the Masjid in 1949 to the demolition of the Masjid in 1992. Many Congress leaders are now upset over not being invited to the Bhoomi Poojan at Ayodhya on 5th August. Some of them have even stated that construction of the temple is with the consent of all Indians. Congress leaders have not yet learned that their perpetual defeats in elections have been the outcome of their hidden Hindutva. However, they still carry the foolish dream of return to power by competing with BJP in Hindutva agenda.

Prime Minister Modi is reported to be attending the Bhoomi Poojan ceremony. Mr. Modi ignores the fact that he is Prime Minister of a secular and democratic India of 130 crores diverse people. His participation in the ceremony as the Prime Minister is highly unethical, a breach of oath and and an unconstitutional act.
M K Faizy has urged all secular people and parties to oppose the agressive and provocative actions of BJP government and firmly stand with the genuine concerns of Muslim community in Babri Masjid issue .