BRING OUT THE FACTS BEHIND THE DUBIOUS ENCOUNTER KILLING OF VIKAS DUBEY – SDPINew Delhi, 10th July 2020: Mohamed Shafi, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India has strongly denounced the extrajudicial killing of history-sheeter Vikas Dubey in Uttar Pradesh and asked the authorities to bring out the facts behind the dubious encounter killing of the hard-core criminal through an impartial judicial enquiry. Ajay Bisht aka Yogi Adithyanath has turned the state of Uttar Pradesh into a jungleraj. Human rights, rule of law, judicial system, trial, justice, etc., have no place in the RSS monk ruled state. Gangster Dubey who was absconding after shooting 8 police officers dead a week ago had surrendered to the police from Ujjain. Police version of the incident is that a vehicle in the convoy that was taking him from Ujjain to Kanpur overturned on Friday morning. Dubey snatched a pistol from an injured policeman and fired at the police. The police retaliated, killing him. One would wonder as to why a criminal who has already surrendered should try to escape from the police custody? This unbelievable cooked up script has been questioned by even retired IPS officers. The report of media teams following the convoy suggests that the ‘encounter’ was orchestrated. They had reported that just before the ‘encounter,’ movement of vehicles near the convoy was restricted. Vehicles were suddenly blocked by the police, who barricaded the road. The vehicle of channel reporters was allowed to proceed after checking. But by then, one vehicle in the convoy had overturned and the ‘encounter’ had occurred, the report says. Five associates of the gangster were also killed by the police in different ‘encounters.’ Though involved in many crimes, Dubey is said to have had the backing of political parties in the past two decades. By eliminating him all those who had been in nexus with him have now been saved. Those who firmly believe in democracy and secularism must step forward to ensure rule of law in the state. The authorities should order a judicial enquiry by a sitting Supreme Court or High Court judge and uncover the mysteries behind the extrajudicial killing of a notorious hard-core criminal who has had unholy nexus with several political parties including the ruling BJP, demanded Mohamed Shafi.