New Delhi, 11th June 2022: MK Faizy, National President of the Social Democratic Party of India expressed shock and anger at the police shooting and killing of two Muslim youths who were protesting the derogatory utterances of Nupur Sharma about the Holy Prophet.

Nupur Sharma’s gibberish has invited strong protests from many countries abroad and within the country, and it has resulted in besmirching the country’s image in the international community. The ruling BJP, the political face of the hate-generating right-wing Hindutva fascists cut a sorry figure before other nations and was forced to expel her from the party.

The protest at Ranchi in Jharkhand on Friday as part of the nationwide protests against the abusive comments of Nupur and demanding her arrest.  Police were shooting at the protesters killing two youths and injuring many. The worst angle of the incident is that Jharkhand is not ruled by BJP, but by UPA in which JMM and INC are the major parties.

The Social Democratic Party of India urges the government to book the guilty police officers charging homicide, conduct a judicial enquiry and pay compensation to the kith and kin of the deceased and the injured.