New Delhi, 31st Dec 2019: We strongly condemn the atrocities of police against the people protesting against CAA and NRC, in the BJP ruled states. They are trying to stifle the protests using police power and cruelty.

More than 30 people have already been shot dead by the police in the BJP ruled states of Assam, UP and Karnataka. 19 were killed in UP alone followed by 5 in Assam and 2 in Karnataka. 

No police atrocities against the protesters are reported from any other non-BJP ruled states, despite massive public protests.

Police violence in UP has crossed all limits. Muslim houses are raided day and night by the police. Doors are forcefully broken and police barged into houses, particularly during night. Women are attacked and manhandled by male police.

Reliable sources report that 5558 persons were detained, 1113 were arrested and 227 cases registered. It is also reported that civilians wearing police uniform are also engaged in this violence.

SDPI has been in the forefront of the protests against the draconian CAA and NRC aimed to alienate a particular community and divide the people on the basis of religion, since the CAB was firstly approved by Central cabinet and passed in the Loksabha.

The protest turned out to be a massive national public agitation as the Jamia Millia students came to the front of the protest daring the police attack on them.

Reputed social activists like Adv. Mohd Shoib, President, Rehai Manch, Former IG of Police SR Dara Puri, Robin Verma, Kabir, Sadaf Zafar, Mohd. Waseem etc were arrested on false charges for joining the protest.

We warned the governments leading the democracy of dire consequences lest they abstain from committing the unbridled police atrocities against the protesters.

There are several video clips in public domain that show the attacks by the police and persons in semi civil dress on peaceful protesters and properties of Muslims. Some police officers shamelessly uttered communal explicit instructing the police and instructed police not to mind breach and unlawful transgressions. The police officers had been denying use of firing on protesters till video clip were released. The police is spreading lies regarding violence engineered to suppress the democratic movement. They want to divert the attention from heavy and unproportional use of force, killing of innocent persons, destruction of properties and vehicles by them accusing PFI, Rehai Manch, Communist Parties and SDPI for planning violence with very weak and incredible evidences and have been witch hunting the political and social activists in UP

We jointly and strongly demand that: –

  1. The right to peaceful protest to express the dissent be immediately restored in UP and everywhere in India.
  2. To release the protesters immediately from detention and to withdraw the criminal cases filed against, students, social and political activists and intellectuals in UP, Delhi and other parts of the country.
  3. To let exercise democratic rights to oppose CAA-NRC-NPR and to stop the reign of police terror.
  4. To institute judicial enquiry headed by a judge of Supreme Court for the police attack in Jamia, AMU, and UP particularly in Meerut, Kanpur, Varanasi and other places of western UP and to file cases against culprit policemen.

Press conference was addressed by:-

  • Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad

         National Vice President, SDPI

  • Lalamani Prasad

Ex MP Lok Sabha, Ex Minister (UP)

  • Bhai Tez Singh

          President, Ambedkar Samaj Party

  • Dr. Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani

          National Secretary,SDPI