New Delhi, 25th Feb 2022: The war and associated situation in Ukraine are of high concern. The history bear witness to the failure of wars. War has never been a solution to any issue; it serves just as a show of might of the powerful side on the weaker side. Wars have always resulted in loss of lives, unparalleled miseries to the survivors; loss of wealth, heritages, monuments; and penury of the weaker side. War is a disgrace to the civilized societies. The money and resources that should be spent for the welfare of the society and its members are unnecessarily wasted for nothing. War in Iraq and Afghanistan initiated by the US, are two recent vivid examples in our life time. War benefits the arms dealers only, not even the country technically winning the war. It is very sad still the countries go for war.

Ukraine is a country where a lot of Indian students are pursuing their education, and many Indians are working there. The war in Ukraine for that very matter alone causes us anxiety and concern. News of Indian administration initiating to bring back the stranded students are hopeful. The airline companies are finding this as an opportunity for profiteering. The air fare which had been between 20,000 to 30,000 Indian rupees has now been hiked to around one and half lakhs. It is the responsibility of the countries to save and bring back home their citizens safely from the war zone. India has already sold out its national airlines to private corporate magnates; and India doesn’t now own its own national airlines. In fact, the Ukraine issue has unfolded the pitiful situation of our country that has been created by the ruling fascists at the centre. 

Social Democratic Party of India appeals to the countries involved to end the hostility and war; and requests the Indian government to make arrangements to bring back the stranded Indian citizens in Ukraine at the country’s cost without putting the burden of ticket fare on them in this vulnerable situation. 

MK Faizy

National President

Social Democratic Party of India