Its already that during the previous UPA-2 Government the hike in prices was uncontrollable to the common man and even after election promises of controlling hikes made by BJO turned incorrect.

Recently Rajasthan Government has hiked the bus fairs. The Chittorgarh District Unit of SDPI handed over a memorandum to the District Collector demanding revoke of the hikes citing that the recent hike in local transport buses by the relevant ministry is highly deplorable as its highly unbearable for the common man.

District President Mohammed Ashfaq and other office bearers submitted the memorandum urging the government to annul the recent hikes. The memorandum was addressed to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

The same memorandum has also been submitted with the District Collector of Chittorgarh, Sangodh and many other districts demanding the revoke of the recent hike in bus fairs.